Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Howdy all you Southern Belles!

What a month, March has been. SBG left for Rodeo Austin on March 10 and we didn't get back till the 28th....yes 18 days! We feel like we can say we are from Austin after spending that much time there. It was such a great event for SBG, we met some of the most amazing, down to earth, beautiful people there. Needless to say they were all just as excited that SBG was there as we were.
The Rodeo was everynight, which was amazing but to top of the night, there was a concert each night afterwards.
We were able to see Lady A, Joe Nichols, Wade Bowen (one of our favorites), Randy Rogers Band & Kevin Fowler to name a few.
The neatest thing about being there at the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo was that there were so many different people there from all walks....literally we met two guys from Germany, two women from Boston and there was a couple that was from Europe.
It was such a blessing for SBG to be there and to experience all that Austin had to offer, thanks again to everyone who came by and saw us. We love making new friends and love it even more seeing our old friends as well. We are so very BLESSED because of you!
peace - LOVE & southern belles
jessica & rachel

Friday, March 12, 2010

W-O-W it's been awhile....

well hey there gals- lots and lots have been going on with SBG, we have been tackling lots of new places here in Texas with some SBG! it has been so much fun meeting all you gals on the road and seeing that you are just as excited about seeing us as we are you!!! ;)

there's so much to catch up....let's see, we hit up College Station in February for a show with some Aggie Gals and also a Wade Bowen concert at Hurricane Harry's with the gals.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small Town Girl

Good Morning Southern Belles!
I was listening to my pandora this morning and came across this song that I have heard like 1000 times! This song is truly who Southern Belle Glamour is!
I'm just a Small Town Girl....

Monday, January 18, 2010

SBG is booking HoMe & TrUnK ShOWs!

Happy Monday to ALL of our Southern Belles!
Southern Belle has been on the road for quiet a few weeks now & we are FINALLY back in the GREAT STATE of TEXAS & we want to spend some time with you!
SBG is NOW booking home & trunk shows! YES, that is true!
We do home/work/school shows....Each show varies, some ladies like to have a come and go show, some have a brunch happy hour, just really depends on the direction you would like to take it! ;) What we do is, come in and set up...give a little spill & introduce ourselves and really just have a fun show. Nothing too over the top or in your face. We want to keep the show light and fun while you get to catch up with your girlfriends while we show you all of our NEW 2010 SBG merchandise. ;) Each show is different but we do have a HOST SPECIAL!
It can be a FREE SBG shirt, jewelry or just a host discount.
If this sounds like something you are interested in, let us know and we will get a show scheduled for you!

-- peace - LOVE & southern belles
jessica & rachel 214.478.1224 - 214.714.1704
please bare with us as we are redesigning our NEW website, for all updates & show information please go to

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Louisana - 1st SBG roadtrip for 2010

We are so glad to be back home in Texas, but let us just say that you folks in Bossier City, Louisiana had such great southern hospitality. It was so much fun when we walked in on Saturday before the event even started to see you gals wearing SBG! It was so flattering to us! We meet some of the sweetest people back at our Dallas Show in Decemeber who we were able to see again this past weekend. We truly appreciate everything and that all of you are always just as excited to see us as we are to see you gals! Once again our Peace- Love & Racing/Dirt Track Junkie Shirts were a huge hit. Growing up around the sport and not having anything cute/comfortable to wear at the track it is so fun to see you girls so excited to see dirt track shirts. As for you Asphalt Junkie Gals, we are working on something for you too! So don't feel all left out! Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us this past weekend in Bossier City, Louisiana.

peace - LOVE & southern belles
jessica & rachel
214.478.1224 - 214.714.1704

please bare with us as we are redesigning our NEW website, for all updates & show information please go to

Southern Belle Glamour will be at Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma
(This is located where the Chili Bowl Nationals are going on as well.)
THIS weekend for a Racer Auction & Trade Show
January 15th thru 17th

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Southern Belle Glamour

(you just don't know how excited I am to say this!!)

It was this time last year that I had a major life changing moment that made me get out of bed on Monday, January 5, 2009 and head down to the courthouse to register SBG. I have never been so scared, excited, anxious in my life. The one thing I was full of that morning was FAITH!! I knew no matter what happened as long as I keep my faith strong and I am doing all things thru Christ I could not fail at this! The first few! That's all I can say, everything was happening so quickly...everyone wanted everything I was making! (which was such a great feeling!)

The first huge leap SBG made was setting up in Canton for First Monday for the very FIRST time ever!! I had no idea what to expect, how much to bring and such! The best thing I did right that weekend other than to pray was to bring my best friend Allison with me. She is always full of confidence, courage, strength and a really good laugh! I knew having her by my side to help remind me to breathe I would be okay. After a really cold, long weekend we knew Southern Belle Glamour was going to be a hit! I was so glad that the huge leap of faith I took just over a month ago was paying off right before my eyes!

After that weekend, I was speaking to a close friend of mine about the business and how can I continue to do this, make it better and keep the product coming in but the twist was to make sure it was always affordable! Veronica looked at me and said let's sit down and really talk about this! After I gave my spill and preached about SBG she looked up and handed me a check to invest into SBG! I was so excited because with that I was able to buy more merchandise then I could on my own...cause lord knows being a single mom the income is never enough and to have an expensive new business it would take me months to get to that type of investment. I knew that SBG was about to get on a real good start because of her!

We continued setting up at First Monday every month thru the cold weather, the rain, the holidays and the awful summer heat! It was so rough on those weekends but there would always be that one customer that would come in and say something completely simple but so amazing to me that would make me look up and say Thank you, God! It was always a great thing to hear and such a good reminder to stick with it, it will pay off! (Huge Thank you to Robin (Candle Corsets) & Shelly (Rockin Vintage) for believing in me, checking on me each month and always having a positive attitude on those really rough weekends!!)

After many more months of First Monday, Home Shows, Trunk Shows, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & all that blogging about getting out the word of SBG and our website it was the most beautiful thing to see people recognizing me & the business.

The hardest thing I think about SBG and knowing its potential was knowing I was a single mom and did not want to put anything in front of my daughter, Emma. There were many times I felt like I had, but man did that little girl always know what to say or just smile at me at the right time to remind me I was doing this for us. It didn't take Emma long to realize that all that "BLING" was mommy's business and when we were not at a show she could sneak over and cover herself head to toe in all the beautiful jewelry! She really had the same twinkle in her eye as I did about it all!

One of the best things to happen to Southern Belle Glamour, was to have Rachel (childhood friend) come aboard in November as a partner in SBG & let me tell you it was right before the biggest show we have ever done! Texas Stampede at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas! 60,000 plus people in two days! Can you say, NERVOUS!!!!! We were both very confident in our product and knew it would sell but we are small town girls in the big city and boy was it a BIG CITY!!! We both share the same dreams & goals for taking Southern Belle Glamour to the next level! What makes it even better is that we are both moms so we understand each other even better & most importantly we both know and give God all the credit for allowing us to be able to live our dreams and it is only through him we can grow our business!
Huge thank you to Rachel for coming aboard and helping make both of dreams come closer to reality!

We both look forward to celebrating many more birthdays for Southern Belle Glamour!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who believed in us, prayed for us & especially shopped with us! We are truly blessed because of all of you!

Jessica & Rachel
Southern Belle Glamour

Monday, January 4, 2010

SBG has its first CONTEST of the year in the works!

Happy New Year!

Hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas & are having a very BLESSED 2010 so far!

SBG has its first CONTEST of the year in the works!

Southern Belle Glamour wants you to send us your pictures of you wearing SBG.
For every picture you send that will count for one entry.

Make sure to send us the following info..
where you are from
email address

It's just that simple, you send us your pictures of you showing off your very own SBG wear & you could win a FREE CUSTOM MADE SBG NECKLACE & The winner will also be our
"Southern Belle of the Month" for February

All entries must be submitted by January 22, 2010.
The winner will be announced on Monday, January 25.

Good luck Belles!
peace - LOVE & southern belles
jessica & rachel
214.478.1224 - 214.714.1704

please bare with us as we are redesigning our NEW website, for all updates & show information please go to
Southern Belle Glamour will be in Bossier City, Louisana
THIS weekend for a Racer Auction & Trade Show
January 9th & 10th at the Bossier City Civic Center

Come on by and see us if you are in the area!